4 nutrients to improve symptoms of anxiety

Anxiety is often coupled with feelings of stress. This is your body’s reaction to a mental or physical threat. Long-term exposure to this stress response can be really negative for your overall health - even leading to nervousness, fear and apprehensiveness. 

So.. Keep calm and take our Anxiety + Stress formula!

Here are the four powerful ingredients we chose to include in the formula to help you stress less:

Magnesium controls the activity of your body’s central stress response system! 

When this system is activated, it initiates your body’s response to cope with the demands of whatever is causing you stress. Magnesium has been shown to reduce anxiety by moderating this stress response.  

Adapt and thrive! Adaptogens are herbs which improve your ability to cope with stress. Ashwagandha acts on various systems in the body including your neurological, immune, energy-production, hormonal and reproductive systems. It helps to stabilise your body’s physiological process, making it amazing for improving anxiety. 

We feel very passion-ate about this one! Passionflower helps relax the activity of your nervous system, creating a state of calm and peace. It assists in the management of anxiety, which is why it’s one of our fave ingredients in the Anxiety + Stress formula

We’re going to spill the tea on Chamomile. This is one of the most widely-used herbal remedies for relieving symptoms of anxiety. The specific type of Chamomile we added to our Anxiety + Stress formula is one of the most powerful, offering a calming effect and helping to relieve depressive and anxiety symptoms. 

You can find all these ingredients in our incredible Anxiety + Stress formula - it has helped so many people feel calmer, and less stressed and anxious! Help yourself and give it a go!


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