What sets our formulas apart...

Care and attention to detail have been put into every single one of our vitamin formulas, along with a whole lot of expertise, knowledge and research.

Every ingredient in each of our formulas is supported by traditional scientific research, and the knowledge of our team of experts. Our nutrition experts ensure that every ingredient placed in our formulas is at a therapeutic dose, creating a medicinal and powerful product.

In Australia, therapeutic products (including vitamins) must have evidence to support their health claims - so rest assured, our vitamins really do achieve the results they promise!

For example, our much-loved Hair + Energy formula contains two high-purity kelp (seaweed) materials and marine polyphenols, which have been proven to promote hair growth and health.

And guess what? Researchers found that supplements containing seaweed extracts helped to prevent hair loss and promoted scalp health.
We love our specific kelp so much, we actually trademarked it - so you can be sure that no other vitamin on the market can offer the same benefits!

All our vitamins have this level of love, power and scientific evidence behind them!

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