Jessica Sepel is a clinical nutritionist, founder of JSHealth, JSHealth Vitamins and best-selling author of The Healthy Life, Living The Healthy Life and The 12-Step Mind-Body-Food Reset

As one of Australia’s most sought-after health and wellness experts, Jess has pioneered the UNDIET movement, helping people all around the world to give up dieting for life and achieve a balanced approach to health.

After years of suffering with fad dieting, calorie counting and body image issues, Jess discovered her love for nutrition and transformed her lifestyle. Instead of feeling hateful of her body she’s now grateful for it. Instead of counting calories, she focuses on nourishing wholefoods. She’s passionate about empowering people to give up dieting, to throw out the scales and find balance with food and their bodies for life. 

Jessica’s philosophy revolves around balanced nutrition and establishing equilibrium for mind, body and soul. She advocates a minimally processed wholefood diet that contains the essential macronutrients our bodies need to thrive. She is passionate about helping women to achieve weight balance, good gut health, improved energy, hormonal balance and a healthier relationship with food.

As the beloved voice behind and @jshealth Jess has cultivated a dedicated and engaged global audience. Over the last five years, Jess has combined her love for cooking with her nutrition acumen and has created thousands of nutritionally balanced recipes. She’s recently released the JSHealth App, which features a world-first online nutrition clinic, hundreds of healthy recipes, a daily meal planner, health guides, body love support and much more. 

Jess is a strong advocate of nourishing your body naturally, using whole foods which make you feel fantastic, while still allowing occasional indulgences. After all, she believes in health as a sustainable lifestyle choice, which can be enjoyed! She is all about balance.

This commitment to naturally nourishing your body led her to develop a range of natural vitamins, all targeted towards specific health concerns including bloating, hair and skin health, digestion, gut health, energy and sleep. These products furthered her passion for using natural, proven ingredients to help her community feel their best, and restore their confidence in their own bodies.

JSHealth and JSHealth Vitamins is now home to a strong team of women, led by Jess and her husband, Dean, who make it their mission to empower and educate people around the world on living a healthy, happy lifestyle with balance.

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