Our Earth Day Pledge

Earth day = every day. JSHealth pledge to always do the best we can right now and continue to work toward new solutions that allow us to be more sustainable and conscious of our precious Earth and her resources.

Plant-Based + Sustainable Ingredients

Our range of supplements features mainly vegan products. We ensure that any marine-sourced ingredients (Fish Oil, Marine Collagen and Kelp) are certified by sustainable bodies and work with natural cycles to minimise ecological harm. Our Protein + Probiotics range uses sustainably-grown pea crops.

Caring for the Ocean

We actively support the Friends of the Sea mission to protect the oceans for future generations. Our Fish Oil+ uses the highest quality fish oil from sustainable fisheries globally. It is proudly Friends of the Sea certified, ensuring our products are not contributing to unsustainable fishing practices, hindering conservation efforts, or compromising the health of our oceans.

Vegan, Eco-Conscious Skincare

Our vitamin-infused skincare range is 100% vegan, never tested on animals and free of nasties. We use glass packaging to house our skincare in, which is endlessly recyclable. The cartons are made from FSC recyclable cardboard printed in vegetable ink.

Working Towards Eco-Packaging for Supplements

All our vitamins and formulas are packaged in recyclable options, and wherever possible we include bio-plastics technology, such as Oysterlean, and recycled plastics . We are always working toward including more of these alternatives and are always pursuing better solutions. For example, we are proud to use an innovative fully recyclable eco-sachet for our Everyday Essentials+ packaging.

Environmentally Aware Workplace Practices 

At the JSHealth HQ, we have a comprehensive waste recycling system, where we are able to correctly recycle coffee pods, soft plastics, papers and cardboard, glass and hard plastics. Our whole team is conscious of doing what we can to care for the environment.