Skin School: Vitamin C

Vitamin C is a holy grail in the skincare world when it comes to improving the appearance of your complexion AND protecting skin cells from UV damage, environmental pollution and other premature agers. 

Scientifically speaking, this super-antioxidant does this by a process known as neutralisation of free radicals. 

In the right concentration and form, Vitamin C is a safe and highly efficacious acid that will visibly brighten your skin, even out skin tone, help fade acne scarring, support collagen levels, skin firmness and overall give your complexion a level of resilience to external aggressors… plus that glowy, radiant complexion that we all want!

The Type of Vitamin C Matters

The most common form of topical vitamin C that you’ll find in skincare formulas on the market today is native vitamin C, also known as ascorbic acid. This particular form of vitamin C is highly reactive and highly acidic. It’s quite common for people using ascorbic acid to experience reactions such as tingling or burning on application, skin irritation, breakouts and increased redness. These are all related to inflammation that is being caused by the Ascorbic acid form of vitamin C.

This is why we do not use the ingredient L-ascorbic acid in our range!  Instead we have 2 different forms of vitamin C, Sodium Ascorbyl Phosphate and 3-Glyceryl Ascorbate, which are in our V7 Complex and the heroes of our Pro-Collagen Vitamin Serum

We use these 2 different forms of stable Vitamin C, as they are gentle on skin compared to the ‘ascorbic acid’ form commonly found in skincare. Essentially stable Vitamin C allows the nutrient to penetrate into the skin before hydrolysing enzymes release it back into its active form to do its best cellular work. 

Proven to Work

In-vitro studies have proven the results of these forms of Vitamin C to increase both collagen I and collagen III production, lighten skin discolouration, reduce the size and number of wrinkles, improve acne and protect the skin from environmental damage. 

Using the right kind of vitamin C topically is a game-changer. You’ll get better results and reduce the chance of irritation. In fact for those with sensitive skin or who have had reactions to ascorbic acid in the past, simply changing the form of vitamin C will likely mean you can happily use a vitamin C product and get the benefits!

Try It: Pro-Collagen Vitamin Serum

A serum that is rich in stable Vitamin C is the perfect way to harness the benefits in your skincare routine. This is because serums are skincare products that are designed to deliver high concentrations of specific active ingredients to the skin, usually in a light and highly absorptive consistency that can penetrate into the skin. Adding a serum to your skincare regime is an effective way to target your skin concerns, such as signs of ageing or pigmentation, and enhance your overall results. Basically, think of a serum as a secret weapon that provides a potent dose of ingredients targeted to achieving your skin goals!

Our Pro-Collagen Vitamin Serum is a brightening, hydrating and brilliance-inducing formula designed to improve the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, skin laxity and uneven skin tone using advanced age-defying actives, particularly Vitamin C and Hyaluronic Acid.

An optimal concentration of 9% stable Vitamin C is included for collagen-boosting and brightening benefits, whilst ultra-hydrating high molecular Hyaluronic Acid holds water molecules together, designed to provide advanced plumping actions and visibly reduce the look of fine lines with each use. 

We tested this in an independent in-home user trial on 110 women, and the results confirmed that in just 2 weeks of use, you can expect some amazing benefits.

  • 90% - Participants experienced skin that feels actively hydrated after use.
  • 85% - Participants agree their skin looks more radiant after use.