How to boost your libido naturally

Libido or sexual desire is the force that can either lead us toward or away from sexual behaviour. Enhanced libido and sexual behaviour may offer increased satisfaction in relationships and self-esteem. Age, gender, social situation and health status can all affect our sexual desire. 

Living a healthy lifestyle is one way to help individuals and couples with their libido. Exercise, mindfulness and yoga ultimately all enhance sexual satisfaction. Increased sexual satisfaction therefore has a direct effect on mood, relationships, connection and self love. 

If you’re wanting to boost your libido naturally, there are some great nutrition and lifestyle factors that you can use to rev it up! Let’s take a closer look...


Physical Activity

Research shows that increased physical activity is linked with enhanced sexual desire and activity. Bouts of exercise can drastically improve sexual function. So choose to move in a way that you love and enjoy a mix of high intensity, with more restorative forms of exercises and rest days. 


Low quantities of alcohol consumption can produce a slight feeling of euphoria, resulting in an openness to sexual activity. However, excess alcohol consumption can lead to an opposite effect as it weakens the sexual response. Alcohol depresses the central nervous system and can lead to sexual dysfunction such as erectile dysfunction in men and decreased vaginal lubrication for women. Enjoy in moderation, and aim to have a glass of water for each alcoholic beverage.


An increase in tension and stress leads to high levels of cortisol, which have been shown to have negative effects on sexual desire and genital arousal. Stress can also alter emotional and cognitive states, stopping the individual from focusing on sexual stimuli during sexual activity. Make sure you are practising stress management techniques as part of your lifestyle, such as meditation, breath work, journaling and spending time in nature.


Nutrients for Libido

Aphrodisiacs are food or drugs that facilitate sexual arousal and desire. The desire for natural supplements from medicinal plants is increasing due to fewer side effects. The following may help to support a healthy libido.

Tribulus Terrestris

Tribulus Terrestris plant is used in the treatment of decreased libido, impotence, supporting menopause symptoms and for other sexual difficulties. It is one of the most popular aphrodisiacs that has been used to improve sexual function and physical performance.


This plant contains arginine, an amino acid that improves male sexual performance and helps the body to relax. It’s a powder that can be added to smoothies and oats.


Ginger can help to modulate physiological activities that are involved in erectile dysfunction, assisting with erection and increased libido. Enjoy in curries, smoothies and tea!



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