5 Science-Backed Ingredients to Beat Sugar Cravings

Finding yourself reaching for that chocolate biscuit every day come 3pm? Constantly craving sugary foods? Trying to avoid sugar, then end up caving and going overboard? We get it... Sugar cravings are real! Using willpower alone to curb that powerful craving usually isn’t enough when fluctuating blood sugar levels are running the show. Thankfully, we have a solution...

Enter the Metabolism + Sugar Support formula, with its research-backed blend of nutrients and herbs to support the metabolism, balance blood sugar levels and aid glucose metabolism, which may lead to less sugar cravings and therefore support healthy weight management. Here are 5 of our favourite ingredients to say goodbye uncontrollable sweet tooth and hello boosted metabolism!


The magical spice! Cinnamon helps to regulate glucose levels and improves resistance to insulin. What is insulin? It’s a hormone made in the pancreas that controls the amount of sugar in our blood. 


Did you know that Gymnema has a beneficial impact on the maintenance of blood sugar levels, stabilises sugar cravings and supports your pancreas? This herbal extract is used in supplements to support weight balance and healthy cholesterol levels. It also helps slow down glucose absorption, which means you won’t experience that spike in blood sugar levels. 


Chromium is an essential nutrient needed for metabolising sugar and fats. It helps improve blood glucose, insulin and lipid levels in the blood. Eating a diet that is predominantly high in sugar can create stress in the body and can actually result in lower levels of Chromium. This coupled with a low dietary intake, may lead to a deficiency.


Our bodies require Magnesium to produce insulin. This precious insulin is vital for regulating our blood sugar levels. Oh Mg!


Zinc is an antioxidant that helps to reduce free radicals formed in the body. It assists the body to metabolise glucose, proteins and carbohydrates, which ultimately supports healthy blood sugar levels. When your blood sugar levels are stable, you may notice that cravings reduce and are less intense.

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JSHealth Vitamins Metabolism + Sugar Support has helped thousands of people reduce their sugar cravings, balance their blood sugar, support their metabolism and assist with healthy weight management. 

We want you to feel confident and happy in yourself and your body - and managing your sugar cravings is part of that!


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