3 of our favourite "inside-out" beauty ingredients

Supporting your health, beauty and confidence from both inside and out is an effective way to harness the benefits of nutrients and botanicals internally and externally. Here are 3 of our favourite “inside-out” heroes to weave into your routine.



Kelp is a sea vegetable that absorbs minerals from ocean water and is an amazing natural source of Iodine. Iodine is a trace element that is vital for many important functions of the body and has been shown to support hair health, growth and thickness. Kelp is rich in two special substances, fucoidan and marine polyphenols, that research has also shown offer benefits in hair growth and maintenance. Fucoidan is known to promote growth factors specifically connected with the hair cycle. 

Find it in: Our Hair + Energy and Hair + Libido formula both contain Iodine from our signature JSHealth Kelp™. Iodine maintains and supports hair growth and health when dietary intake is inadequate. 


Whilst working with a leading skin biochemist to formulate the new JSHealth Vitamins Skin range, we were blown away by the research behind seaweed extract as a skincare ingredient. It contains a high-purity fucoidan extract and is rich in marine polyphenols, developed specifically to provide high-tech age-defying benefits. Derived from Undaria pinnatifida species of seaweed, this unique and 100% natural ingredient has been shown to inhibit many of the key enzymes responsible for skin damage. In vitro studies have confirmed that this seaweed inhibits enzymes that lead to wrinkles and reduced skin elasticity, making it an incredibly powerful natural age-defying ingredient.

Results showed that seaweed extract was able to improve skin’s overall appearance by 60% in just 12 weeks. In vitro studies have also confirmed that its major effects include aiding skin immunity, soothing and protection.

Find it in: Our special seaweed extract is infused into our signature JSH-V7™ Complex for optimal skin health which our Balancing Vitamin Cleanser, Pro-Collagen Vitamin Serum and Probiotic Vitamin Moisturiser are all enriched with.



Vitamin C is our favourite antioxidant to reduce free radicals formed in the body and is essential for overall health. It’s a water soluble vitamin, which the body does not manufacture, so we need to ensure adequate dietary intake from food and supplements. Vitamin C helps connective tissue production and formation, plus supports collagen formation and maintains collagen health! In addition to all of this, it supports wound healing, overall skin health and is a key nutrient for a healthy immune system.

Find it in: Our Skin + Digestion, Vitality X + Collagen and Immune+ formulas all contain Vitamin C to support you from the inside. 


In the right concentration and form, Vitamin C is a safe and highly efficacious acid that will visibly brighten your skin, even out skin tone, help fade acne scarring, and overall give your complexion a level of resilience to external aggressors. We use 2 different forms of stable Vitamin C for optimal efficacy which are gentle on the skin. Essentially stable Vitamin C allows the nutrient to penetrate into the skin before hydrolysing enzymes release it back into its active form to do its best cellular work! In-vitro studies have proven the results of these forms of Vitamin C to increase both collagen I and collagen III production, lighten skin discolouration, reduce the size and number of wrinkles, improve acne and protect the skin from environmental damage. 

Find it in: Our hero Vitamin C product is the Pro-Collagen Vitamin Serum which contains 9% stable Vitamin C and is dermatologist-approved for all skin types, including sensitive skin.



You may have heard the saying 'good skin begins in the gut.’ The key role that the digestive system plays in skin health is a growing area of interest, with the link between the two being seen as very significant. Supporting your gut microbiome has been linked to good skin health, as well as being important for good digestion and the immune system. Given the gut’s influence on inflammatory conditions, probiotics can help to modify the microbiome therapeutically. Administering live beneficial bacteria has a promising role in the prevention and management of various skin conditions due to their antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory and immune supportive effects.

Find it in: Our Probiotic+ and Vaginal Probiotic+ formulas both contain scientific evidence-backed strains of probiotics to be taken internally. They are also 100% vegan and shelf-stable (no refrigeration required!).


The skin has its very own microbiome of bacterial organisms on its surface, which protect against pathogens. A thriving skin microbiota populated by beneficial bacteria means healthy, resilient skin that is resistant to environmental damage. The science-backed strain of Lactobacillus probiotic has been shown to effectively support the skin’s microbiome, restore optimal skin pH and help you maintain a healthy, radiant and resilient complexion. Topically applied, Lactobacillius Ferment has been proven to be incredibly soothing and protective, as well as being highly beneficial for dry skin. An in-vivo study showed significantly improved skin barrier integrity and skin moisture levels from 7 days to 42 days of topical application, visibly reducing the appearance of skin dryness.

Find it in: Our Probiotic Vitamin Moisturiser contains this incredible Lactobacillus Ferment probiotic to truly nourish your skin’s microbiome.