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Celebrating 6 Years of JSHealth Vitamins

With 6 milestones on our journey shared with YOU

The Birth of JSHealth

Our story began with our founder Jessica Sepel's passion for a balanced lifestyle, born from her own journey from restriction and diet mentality to nourishment, kindness and body love. Beginning with the authentic JSHealth blog and her best-selling books, and then creating the JSHealth App, our mission has always been to help people build a better relationship with their bodies and feel their most radiant, confident selves.

Our First Formulation

Jess knew the next step in helping her community live The Healthy Life was supporting them with science-focused, quality supplements. After discovering the research behind our special kelp ingredient and recognizing the need for a hair health and growth solution, Jess created our Hair + Energy formula. This product quickly became a best-seller, offering customers transformative results with just one capsule a day.

The Range Expands

We continued to listen to our community's needs and expanded our product range to address specific health concerns and goals, such as gut health, skin breakouts, stress, and sleep - simplifying an overly complicated supplement world. Our innovative and targeted supplements quickly gained popularity and grew to over 70 different products worldwide.

Global Growth

In 2020, we launched in the UK, making our products available in over 500 stores, including Boots, Harrods, and Selfridges. By 2022, we expanded to the EU and the US, with global teams and offices in London and LA. Back home in Australia, we launched into Chemist Warehouse, becoming the No.1 Hair Supplement Product in Australian Pharmacy.

Taking Vitamins Topical

Jess’ passion for the power of vitamins continued with a venture into vitamin-infused topical skincare and haircare, developed alongside leading scientists. This elevated our solution-focused offering to provide 360 degree support to the community by combining ingestible and topical formulas with an inside and out approach.

Empowering Women

As a female-founded, female-powered business, we proudly celebrate our team, which today includes a majority of over 65 unique talented, passionate, inspiring and caring women worldwide. We also have many incredible men on our team! Together we empower each other and our community.

Above all, we are still first and foremost the JSHealth Community. Everything we do is out of our care for you - thank you for making us your trusted health brand and being on this journey with us. Here’s to many more years of wellness together.