Hi, I'm Jessica Sepel

I am an advocate for the transformative power of nutrients and have been able to share this through our carefully crafted, targeted formulas to help you feel healthy, happy and confident.
My background in health and my passion to help people to live a balanced, joy-filled life led me to create JSHealth Vitamins to help you feel healthy and confident.

Nourish your health and confidence from the inside-out with formulas carefully crafted with care for you.

Jessica Sepel is a 3 x best-selling health author, and founder of the JSHealth brand, App and JSHealth Vitamins’ range of supplements, skincare and haircare. Jess’ knowledge and experience has allowed her to create a range with attention to ingredient quality and combination to care for you from the inside out.


Jess displayed a passion for supplements from a young age after watching both her grandparents take them daily which led her to delve into the vitamin world and become incredibly interested in nutrition from the age of 15. After overcoming her own struggles with fad dieting to find balance and body love, as well as dive into learning as much as she could about holistic health.


Since then, she has seen firsthand how the right forms of vitamins, herbs and nutrients could assist people in reclaiming their wellbeing, and knew she wanted to create her own range. Her driving concept was to develop formulas that targetted common problems, to help bypass the overwhelm and confusion of the supplement industry and support her community.

“I have always had a very deep interest and intuitive love for supplements and founding JSHealth Vitamins was a very natural progression for me. JSHealth is more than just a brand, it is a balanced and healthy lifestyle that has grown to be an  incredible and supportive community, in which our formulas sit as a wellness tool. By creating my own range, I have been able to control the ingredient quality, combination and specific dosage.”