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JSHealth began when nutritionist and founder. Jessica Sepel, started a blog, documenting her struggles with fad dieting and her relationship with food and her body.

After battling with restriction and deprivation, and attempting every diet under the sun, Jess began to heal her relationship with food. Her nutrition studies empowered her to make more informed decisions abouit her health. Her determination to help others going through similar struggles, and to share heẹr journey led to the start of one of the biggest health empires in Australia.

Years later, Jess is now a three-times best -selling health author, and the creator of the JSHealth App and 8-Week Program.

Jess is a strong advocate of nourishing your body naturally. using whole foods which make you feel fantastic, while still allowing occasional indulgences. After all, she believes in health as a sustainable lifestyle choice, which can be enjoyed! She ¡s all about balance.

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