Period confessions: your take on periods + intimacy

Today, we're tearing open the “sealed section” with you. From period sex to your PMS experiences, we're diving deep into what YOU told us about your periods, your thoughts on intimacy and what you wanted to know more about from our Menstrual March survey. 

Read on as we unpack the real deal re: periods and intimacy – the confessions, the comfort levels and everything in between!

Talking with your partner

Most of you (over 90%!) are open with your partners when it comes to talking about that time of the month. It shows a move towards being more comfortable and understanding about menstrual health in our relationships. Still, a small group of around 7% find it a challenge to talk about, reminding us there's always room to normalise these conversations. 

Period sex: yes or no? 

From your survey answers, 2 out of 3 people (around 65%!) are comfortable with sex during their period. This suggests a growing recognition when it comes to considering sexual health and comfort, especially during menstruation. 35% remain hesitant – which is okay too! Everyone is different, and these results reflect the diversity of personal boundaries and preferences.

PMS symptoms 

Before menstruation begins, over 60% of you deal with cravings, cramps and tender breasts, amongst other experiences. Here are the percentages… 

  • Cravings:  66.06%
  • Cramps:  68.82% 
  • Tender breasts: 63.57%
  • Headaches: 53.75%
  • Loss of appetite: 18.52%
  • Other: Mood swings, anxiety, restlessness and irritability was a common theme! Exhaustion, acne, nausea, bloating and back pain were also on the list. 

Picking our period products

When it comes to your choice in managing and caring for your flow, there's no one-size-fits-all. Tampons and pads lead the pack with 52% and 60% of us opting for these products respectively, but period underwear and menstrual cups are also on the radar. Most of us (88%!) don't feel judged for our choices, which is a big win for period product freedom.

Your women’s health questions: answered!

Many of you wanted to know more about perimenopause (we explore this topic in our blog ‘Why should you start preparing for Menopause in your 30s?’), eating in sync with your cycle and how your moods can change throughout the month. There’s a clear need for more information on how to care more consciously for yourself during the different stages of your cycle and womanhood.

Lost your period? 

You’re not alone – nearly 30% of you have experienced a missing period. This can happen for many reasons, some of which can include stress, hormonal issues, weight loss and major life changes such as pregnancy and breastfeeding. 

We're talking more openly, learning to embrace our cycles and celebrating this beautifully natural part of womanhood. With that said, there will always be more to learn and more taboos to tackle. 

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