Natural Haircare Myths Debunked

Here’s what you need to know…

Applying natural conditioner to oily-prone hair makes it worse.

Natural conditioners contain natural oils, so one might think that this means you should avoid it if you have an oily hair and scalp type. However, using it in a modulated way with your shampoo is usually more beneficial. After thoroughly shampooing, apply conditioner only to the ends, which are generally prone to dryness despite an overall oily condition, so it’s good to keep them nourished and protected. 

Natural shampoo doesn’t foam.

It’s true that many natural shampoos do not lather well, but this has unfairly given them all a bad name! It is incredibly tricky to create a natural foaming shampoo formula, however after 3 years working with a leading hair biochemist, we are very proud of our Purifying Vitamin Shampoo for the beautiful lather it builds when you use it. Give it a try!

Natural shampoo strips the hair.

Definitely not true - in fact, it’s the opposite when you choose a quality natural shampoo! If you think your hair feels slightly different (or more “dry”) after the shampooing step of a natural haircare routine than when using conventional shampoos, this is just because they don’t contain chemical softeners. Natural shampoos can be much gentler and less stripping than those that use harsh chemicals.

You need to use more conditioner when it comes to natural conditioner.

This is only true if your natural conditioner doesn’t contain enough deeply moisturising and smoothing actives. Our Nourishing Vitamin Conditioner is rich in science-focused ingredients (such as Vegan Keratin and Pro-Vitamin B5) that allow it to perform at a salon-quality level, without the nasties. You won’t need any extra and we think you’ll be impressed by how silky soft your hair is afterwards!

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