Diets are pervasive in our culture today. From the food in supermarket aisles to TV advertisements, it’s hard not to be tempted by the latest diet food or trend that promises the body of your dreams. With so many mixed and strong messages, it’s no surprise that so many people are finding it harder to find a balanced, healthy weight and simply find body love with your unique self.

From my experience, diets just don’t work. I am yet to meet someone who has managed to stay on a diet for longer than three to six months. Research shows that dieters almost always regain their lost weight within a few years. But worse, diets seem to strain our relationship with food and our bodies. Diets cause us to focus on weight, not health. They encourage us to count calories, restrict our food intake and control our cravings. This often leads to disordered eating and an unhealthy relationship with food.

Diets can instill a certain ‘fear’ around different food groups. They also stop us from eating intuitively and eating according to our appetites. We count calories, restrict our food intake, or skip meals. Unfortunately, this often leads to overeating, emotional eating and binging.

Here are my top tips to do to let go of extremes and find balance.

Love Jess,
Founder of JSHealth Vitamins

  1. Block out the noise of the diet culture - Remember you are biochemically unique and what works for your friends, sister or co-workers may not suit your body type. We have to tune into our own bodies and figure out which foods work for us individually.

  2. Let go of numbers - This means not counting calories, carbs or fats. Instead, focus on nutrients and eating good-quality wholefoods. Our bodies know how to digest these foods. Give up processed and packaged foods.

  3. Re-adjust your mindset around health - We have to see it is a long-term journey, not a quick phase or fad. You don’t have to do it all at once. Commit to making one to two small changes each week.

  4. Avoid reading diet books and Googling diet trends - they just lead to confusion and overwhelm around health, which is very demotivating.

  5. Consider who you’re following - Unfollow people on social media who are promoting extremes around food or fitness. This can make it harder to embrace a balanced approach.

  6. Eat all of the important food groups - This means slow-releasing carbs, protein, good fats and fibre at every meal. They are all equally important for our bodies.

  7. Don’t skip meals - This leads to overeating on foods later on in the day.

  8. Follow JSHealth recipes - They prove to you how easy and fuss free healthy food can be. I have more than 600 nutritious, balanced recipe ideas in the JSHealth App. They’re quick, easy to prepare and have gluten-free, dairy-free, vegetarian and vegan options.

  9. Positive affirmations - How we speak to ourselves is important! Use supportive language that lifts you up.

  10. Focus on healing your relationship with your body - Some beautiful ways to reconnect to your body include yoga, walking, spending time in solitude, allowing some downtime, scheduling in 30 minutes of you time a day or week. Reconnecting to your body will help you to want to make healthier choices.