Care with Fire - Our JSHealth Manifesto

As 2022 comes to a close, we have been reflecting on what these last 12 months held. As a brand we spent some time deeply thinking about what the essence of our purpose and driving force is… and so was born our JSHealth Manifesto… We know you will feel as connected to this word and message as we do. 

Care with Fire - The JSHealth Manifesto

At JSHealth Vitamins, there’s a blazing word that shapes everything we do.
A short word that sets us miles apart.
A one-word promise that fuels our business.
An ingredient that can’t be replicated. 
A value ignited by our passion…

Care sets our hearts and minds alight, 
Its glow illuminates our offices and our days.
It inspires us and demands more of us.
It pushes us forward, onto the harder path and greater rewards.

Care drives our research,
It propels our passionate push for evidence.
You will find it in our choice of the highest quality ingredients, 
And in the careful precision of our formulations.
It’s in prototype #48, #58 and why we got to number #108.
Care is the special spark in our customer service,
And the burning ember of our next idea.

Care is what makes our products unique, and is the foundation of our precious community.
Because care is so much more than just a word, care is a feeling.
It’s that feeling that touches and connects our customers.
Care is why they share their experiences with such love and gratitude.
It comes from lived experience, from listening to people - and truly hearing them.

Caring deeply does transformative things.
It’s an unstoppable fiery force,
The flame torch that lights our way.
It burns brightly in everything we do. 
That’s why our goal is to spread care like wildfire,
Not just in our way of caring, but in your own care… for you.