5 Evening Rituals to Welcome Into Your Routine

If you love a good night-time routine as much as we do, these soothing practices and relaxing formulas could be just what you need to take your evening rituals to the next level.

Here are 5 ways to wind down… Sweet dreams! 

  • A warming collagen drink 
  • Add a scoop of Beauty Collagen Creamer+ to a mug of chai or hot cacao. This delicious formula combines hydrolysed Marine Collagen peptides with creamy coconut milk and vanilla to give your beverage a dose of beauty-boosting nourishment. Cosy up and sip mindfully.

  • Meditation session
  • Care for your mind by allowing a moment of pause with a JSHealth guided meditation, found in the JSHealth App - free with every purchase! Even just 10 minutes of mindfulness or meditation can have a beneficial affect on your overall wellbeing.  Link to get the app free page on website.

  • Magnesium+ formula
  • Magnesium is a wonderful mineral to take in the evening. Our Magnesium+ formula supports muscle relaxation, muscle function and nervous system health with 3 different forms of magnesium designed for absorption.

  • A relaxing bath
  • Is there a better way to unwind? Add in a few drops of calming lavender oil and epsom salts, then soak it up! Bonus points for candles, relaxing music or even meditating in the bath - how’s that for two in one?!

  • PM+ Sleep formula
  • Prepare your body and mind for a restful night’s sleep with the PM+ Sleep formula. Created with a blend of herbs and minerals, including Passionflower and Lavendar, this formula is designed to support body relaxation and calm the mind.

    Always read the label and follow the directions for use.