Our Top Formulas for Busy Mums

At JSHealth, we are in awe of all mothers and how much love, energy and support they give to their families and children. We understand that it can be hard to sustain energy levels when you’re a busy mum chasing after little kiddies, as well as looking after your children’s needs (hello, fussy eaters!). 

To help you out, we’ve provided you with our top 3 formulas to keep you going, support energy levels and make your life a little easier.


This is a dual formula to support overall wellbeing, and to relax and support sleep. The combination of ingredients in our AM formula supports energy, relieves tiredness, fatigue, and feelings of weakness. Vitamin B12 supports blood health and red blood cell production, a healthy immune system function, nervous system and energy production. 

The antioxidant Vitamin C naturally facilitates collagen formation in the skin, which supports connective tissue health and increases absorption of dietary iron.

The PM formula contains two powerful ingredients - Lavender and Magnesium. Lavender helps to calm the mind, relieve disturbed and restless sleep and helps to relieve symptoms of mild anxiety. While Magnesium is a mineral involved in over 300 reactions in the body. It helps to support nervous system function, promotes relaxation and maintains muscle and bone function.

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Protein + Probiotics

Our high-quality Protein + Probiotics range combines plant-based pea protein with the addition of probiotics. These protein powders are great for the gut, and are the perfect addition to your morning smoothie. They come in a variety of delicious flavours, and are all free from nasties, added sugars and preservatives.

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Kids Multi+

The kiddies will LOVE this strawberry-flavoured chewable multivitamin, designed to support their growth and development, and cognitive function! Our kids multivitamin supports children's general health and wellbeing, and is naturally sweetened without any nasties - we want to ensure our kids only get the good stuff!

Our Kids Multi+ contains Vitamins C and D, Iodine, and Zinc which maintain growth and development in children. Iodine and Zinc also support brain function!

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