Jess shares her personal story behind the vitamins range

Many people ask me where my love for vitamins began. My background as a clinical nutritionist and my passion to help people to live a balanced, joy-filled life definitely led me to create JSHealth Vitamins, but there’s so much more to the story…

From a very young age, I had a true love for vitamins. My grandparents and parents both enjoyed taking a selection of vitamins at breakfast each morning. I remember watching them do this and, being curious, asking what they were gulping down. I remember that fish oil, vitamin C and probiotics were at the top of the list.

As I grew up, I became that teenager whose bathroom shelves were literally filled to the brim with vitamin bottles! My sisters used to tease me about this because I was so obsessed.

Interestingly, my first job at school was at Priceline Pharmacy where I spent my lunch break stalking the vitamin aisles and nagging the floor manager to tell me about each brand and formulation.

My next job at school was in a health food store where, again, I found myself obsessing over the vitamin counters and shelves. I really just couldn’t get enough! I found myself overwhelmed with wanting to trial every formulation I laid my eyes on. I couldn’t believe how nutrients and minerals could make me feel so much better and my passion continued to grow.

I guess I can’t really explain it down to any one thing, but the vitamin space always always excited me immensely. It felt like such a natural love and joy to learn about!

When I graduated from my 5 years of nutrition study and began to practice privately with patients - WOW! This is truly when I discovered the way vitamins could literally change people’s lives. I saw the power they had  when they were prescribed at a therapeutic dose by a reputable brand. The brand, dosage and purity made the world of difference. 

I will never forget a special patient who was struggling from debilitating anxiety and depression. She was doing all the right things - eating well, exercising and trying her absolute best. 

I prescribed her a really high dose of pure fish oil, probiotics and B6. She truly could not believe how much better she felt. It was phenomenal. This happened time and time again in clinical practice. 

After about 6-7 years of being in the health industry, writing three health books and being really in touch with what everyday people were going through in terms of their health, I felt this pull to create my own range.

I also really did see a gap in the market that I knew needed to be filled to give people the best possible experience with vitamins. I found there was little innovation and I also felt that the vitamin world and aisles were overwhelming people. This is why we decided to create a ‘problem solving’ range where the vitamin world calls out the person's struggle, eg: Anxiety + StressSkin + Digestion and Hair + Energy. I was also fortunate to know the main struggles and symptoms that so many were experiencing. My goal with JSHealth Vitamins was to help you feel less confusion and more clarity as to what you need when it came to selecting products. We would do the hard work for you!

I then met our vitamin manufacturers and learnt about the power of adding ingredients into the formulas that were always 100% research-backed. Something not a-lot of companies were doing, believe it or not!

By creating my own range, I have been able to control the ingredient quality, combination and therapeutic dosage to ensure that every formula creates a medicinal and powerful effect.

I am beyond grateful the way our vitamins are delivering their transformative results, but honestly - am I surprised? Not really! These formulas truly are the best on the market in terms of purity and effectiveness. 

I can say I am proud of what we are doing as a vitamins company. And am always so thankful to have you, our wonderful community, on the journey with us.

Love Jess x